Learn Megaladata using real examples

Retrieving a list of files with JavaScript Retrieving a list of files utilizing the JavaScript programming language through the use of File API 2023-07-01
ABC-XYZ-analysis The ABC-XYZ analysis algorithm has been implemented, which allows classifying the company's resources. The ABC classification method. The XYZ classification method 2023-01-01
Clustering The algorithms of EM clustering, k-means clustering, and g-means clustering are demonstrated using the "Fisher's Iris" dataset as an example. Visualization of the results for each clustering method is provided 2023-02-01
Real Estate Valuation (Neural Network) A neural network has been used to evaluate real estate based on historical data. Outlier editing, training, and normalization of the neural network have been employed. The results are visualized to provide a clear representation of the outcomes 2023-03-01
Market Basket Analysis Market Basket Analysis. Discovery of association rules and application of the FP-Growth algorithm. Visualization of results 2023-04-01
Notifications in Megaladata using the Telegram chatbot Implementation of a mechanism that allows receiving notifications from Megaladata scenarios using Telegram 2023-05-01
Reorder Point Description of the reorder point algorithm. Data cleaning and verification 2023-06-01
RFM Analysis Customer segmentation using the RFM algorithm. Data preparation, quantification, and result interpretation 2024-02-27
Python in Megaladata The decision tree algorithm is implemented using Python handler. Demonstration of Python operation in Megaladata. Working with input and output data sets. 2024-01-27

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